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Startup Pitch is a ground-breaking innovation platform designed to boost the next generation entrepreneurs of India. It is where start-ups meet experts, mentors, corporations, and investors. As the name itself suggests, Startup Pitch India is a chance for the participants to move one step further and take their startup to a new zenith. This is our first year and the event is taking place in the exhibition, Moneyfiftyfifty, organized by ABEC | ITE. Startup Pitch powered by CoKaCo, provides disruptive startups with at least 1 Crore in funding, mentors, and connections to the top financial services companies in the country.

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About CoKaCo

CoKaCo aims at being the best technology-driven platform in India to provide Legal, Finance and Taxation services at one click with innovative acumen and client-centric approach to have long-term synergistic alliances for business growth. With experience & knowledge encompassing a wide range of legal and finance profession, CoKaCo assures seamless mettle and unbounded dedication as the essence of our work. Our impetus-driven and distinct methodology dealing with focused client needs in the most accomplished & effective way under the guidance of experienced team of professionals, whose unimpeachable expertise is backed by their proven credentials, is our strength.

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About Moneyfity50

ABEC has conceptualized Money Fifty 50 keeping to provide a platform to its consumers where they get an opportunity for a data driven financial planning and update them on how to manage, spend and borrow money effectively. The founders of Money Fifty 50 are creating an entirely engaging fresh experience for leading innovators in India. The payments, financial services and retail sectors are currently experiencing an accelerated period of product development. In this new emerging reality, characterized by technology and regulatory based disruption, collaboration is the key to survival. This event will be an attestation to India’s growing presence in the global financial market.

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