Guide (About the Presentation)

What the participants need to do on the day of presentation.

Participants will have 5 minutes to represent their entire startup and acquire funding for the same. For
this the participants may emerge with any kind of presentation but:

1. Participants mustn’t exceed their time limit

2. No last minute changes against the format of the presentation already submitted
3. No offensive language for any of the fellow participant, mentor, panellist or any member from
the audience

What are we looking for

Young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are ready to take the industry by storm
Startups capable of bearing risk
An initiative by ultra-modern thinkers that has a capacity to change lives
Any idea which can make the investors close the deal on your terms
And last but foremost, circulation of a good amount of money into the business


Paramounts in Presentation(PIP)

First mover advantage - if your startup is one of its kind
Profit making incorporation - if your startup has reached to a level where it’s making adequate profit.
Greater number of employees - More than 10 employees already working for the company
Ideas based on some innovation - if your startup is not just doing things differently but has an
innovative concept
Any breakthrough technology - if your startup has done something exemious in the field of technology
that is worth a revolution.


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