Startup Pitch India is a ground-breaking innovation platform designed to boost the next generation entrepreneurs of India. It is where startups meet experts, mentors and investors.Startup Pitch India is a chance for the participants to move one step further and take their startup to a new zenith. This is our first year and the event is taking place in the exhibition, Moneyfifty50. Startup Pitch India powered by CoKaCo provides disruptive startups with at least & Rs. 1 Crore in funding, mentors, and connections to the top financial services companies in the country.
CokaCo (Company Karya Comliance) is a brand of NNM NextGen Advisory Pvt. Ltd. CoKaCo aims at being the best technology-driven platform in India to provide Legal, Finance and Taxation services at one click with innovative acumen and client-centric approach to have long-term synergistic alliances for business growth. With experience & knowledge encompassing a wide range of legal and finance profession, CoKaCo assures seamless mettle and unbounded dedication as the essence of our work. Our impetus-driven and distinct methodology dealing with focused client needs in the most accomplished & effective way under the guidance of experienced team of professionals, whose unimpeachable expertise is backed by their proven credentials, is our strength.
Money Fifty 50 is a 2-day exhibition plus conference where more than 30000+ attendees are expected at its 2017 event on September 8th& 9th at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon. MoneyFifty50 is a complete Financial solutions event aimed at the Consumers, SMEs and Retailers where the visitors would be empowered by the knowledge they would gain on all the aspects of financial planning through various engaging activities planned in the event.
Z Nation Lab are an early stage accelerator which empowers entrepreneurs with capital, experience and network. We are founded by experienced investors and have an extended network of veteran mentors, corporates and investors from India and Silicon valley.Infact, we are the only Indian accelerator which has the potential to take your startup to Silicon valley, provided you have a uniquely disruptive idea and a business model.
Z Nation Lab Pre-Accelerator Startup Boot camp is a mentorship-driven accelerator program. It lasts throughout your startup’s lifecycle and catalysed by our global ecosystem of mentors, investors, and corporate partners coming together to creating a rock solid support system
Start-ups in India are booming like never before. Digitization and commercial disruption has made the conditions most favourable for start-ups in India. We are organizing this event to boost the Young entrepreneurs of India & create an eco system for the Startups in India
Startup Pitch India helps connect startups with innovative and disruptive ideas which requires mentorship and fund raising to achieve their dreams with the investors who are looking for an opportunity to bet their money on someone with a similar vision and help support the cause.
1)The startups will have to register themselves by filling the registration form
2) Pay a registration fee of Rs. 3000 (inclusive of GST 18% and 2% internet charges).
3)Our experts will then go through the deck and update you on the video calling round.
4) The qualified startups will be informed on our website as well as an email will be sent to them.
5) The qualified startups will have to prepare themselves with a minutes presentation and will have to pitch in front of the panelist.
6) Q&A round will follow after the 5min pitch. Which will result to a negotiation at terms of fund raising against equit.
Startup Pitch India will help the entrepreneurs to recognize and to identify the reason of failures for Start-ups in Indian environment.
If you are a startup, looking to raise money and need a reality check on where you currently stand in the current market, then Startup Pitch India is a right platform. Startup Pitch India will also connect you with mentors, who have passed the same path as yours a hundred times before.
The eligibility criteria to register with Startup Pitch India is as follows –
1.Owner/operator must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age at the time of Submission.
2. Owner/operator must be an authorized agent of the registered business and have the authority to legally bind the enterprise, including (without limitations) to the terms and conditions of these Official Rules and to any other required documentation as contemplated in these Official Rules.
3. The business must be in good standing as of the date of Submission and must remain so till the end of the Contest.
If you have an idea which is unique and can help the community, then it is always a right time for your company to register with Startup Pitch India.
Yes! The one who is coming for Startup Pitch India will have to submit their business plan by the registering process of Startup Pitch India.
Startup Pitch India is ready to fund all the types of company which has the best ideas, skills etc.
Yes, we will accept startups with just one founder.
No problem. Several of our portfolio companies went to other accelerator events before joining Startup Pitch India, and still found the experience valuable. Our focus is on connecting companies with potential customers and partners, which is different than many other programs.
Yes, you can register. We are providing an opportunity to each and every single startup from India.
Participants will have 5 minutes to represent their entire startup and acquire funding for the same. For this, the participants may emerge with any kind of presentation but:-
1. Participants must not exceed their time limit
2. No last-minute changes against the format of the presentation which is already submitted
3. No offensive language for any of the fellow participant, mentor, panellist or any member from the audience
Presentation in any format will be accepted.
Funds will be distributed according to the Panel decision as they deem fit and proper.
Equity will be decided by the Panellists at the same time of the event.
The result for the first round i.e. qualifying for the video conference will be e-mailed to the ids provided by all the participants on 18th August,2017
All the participants who are shortlisted for the skype interview will be requested to be present at the event. The results of top 20 participants selected from across India, who will be pitching for the sponsors, will be declared only on the day of the event in Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai, India on 9th September, 2017 between 2.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.
Z Nation Lab Pre-Accelerator Startup Boot camp is a 3-week intensive program, held thrice a year – March, July & November. The camp will guide you through validating your ideas, monetizing them, building a team, fund raising, and more. It concludes with a demo day where the shortlisted startups pitch their refined ideas to a room of Accelerator Managers, Early stage investors and Grant providers. After the program, Z Nation Lab continues to help these startups in all their present and future endeavors. Z Nation Lab may also invest early capital to selected few Startups from the Bootcamp.
Media Mileage can be provided for 2 selected startups for a period of 2 months each by our media partners.
Networking event is a closed door event for all the stakeholders of the Startup Pitch India namely: the startups, our mentors, investors, panel members, organizing team and the entire eco system of the startup industry in India.
Selected startups will be given free 30 hours of mentoring from our mentors upon the availability of their time as decided by them with you. I bet, this will be a hell of an expereince to gain as much as you can from our mentors as they've literally left with no page in the book unturned.
2 shortlisted startups will get an opportunity to avail services from CoKaCo professionals from CA, CS, Legal and Marketing to help you with free consultation on any of the services mentioned on the website www.cokaco.com